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Power to the new people analytics

The latest data and analytics buzz comes from the field of advanced HR analytics, where the application of new techniques and new thinking to talent management is becoming more mainstream. The implications are dramatic because talent management in many businesses has traditionally revolved around personal relationships or decision making based on experience—not to mention risk avoidance and legal compliance—rather than deep analysis.

What is predictive app marketing?

Five years ago, the promise of Big Data and the idea of understanding our customers and prospects on a deeper level was exciting. But the promise fell flat when it came to actually using that information to drive business decisions. Since those days, everyone has been rushing to hire data scientists or find new technologies that figure out what to do with all the data we now have at our grasp. Predictive_App_MarketingIt is this very intersection - the point where data and action collide - where predictive app marketing lives.

Big Data: Creating the Power to Move Heaven and Earth

In the past few years, Big Data has morphed from being yet another IT buzzword into a virtual tsunami sweeping over enterprises and consumers alike. Humans, organizations, devices, and machines of all types now contribute huge waves of data into what’s being called the data universe. And just like the other, real universe, the data universe continues to expand rapidly.  

Big data analysis in 2015

Big data and analytics technologies have been going gangbusters for several years, with companies, funding rounds, technologies, and releases occuring rapid-fire since Hadoop and NoSQL stepped onto the industry stage. Each of the last several years saw an overarching theme in the data arena: 2012 was the year big data became really hot; 2013 was the year it grew more accessible, through SQL-on-Hadoop; and 2014 was the year it became far-more versatile, with the addition of YARN and Spark. 2015 will be the year Hadoop matures.