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10th Annual South East European Doctoral Student Conference

Building on the success of the nine previous Doctoral Conferences which totally attracted over 900 papers from countries all over the SE European region and beyond (UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Belgium and USA), we are pleased to announce the organisation of the 10th South East European Doctoral Student Conference.

Backshoring manufacturing: Notes on an important but under-researched theme

This note discusses the phenomenon of backshoring manufacturing relying on empirical results based on a large-scale Danish questionnaire-survey. The note argues for further research on antecedents, motivators, and barriers of the use of globalisation strategies. It further argues for using automation in order to maintain production jobs. Lastly, the note demand more research on how ambidexterity as a dynamic capability serves as a predecessor to cope with the dynamics of globalisation strategies and supply chain design.