OR2015 International Conference on Operations Research

Congresses of the German society GOR have a long tradition and have been organised in Austria as well as in Switzerland in cooperation with their partner societies respectively. Past conferences include Zurich 1998, Magdeburg 1999, Dresden 2000, Duisburg 2001, Klagenfurt 2002, heidelberg 2003, Tilburg 2004, Bremen 2005, Karlsruhe 2006, Saarbruecken 2007, Munich 2008, Bonn 2009, Munich 2010, Zurich 2011, Hannover 2012, Rotterdam 2013 and Aachen 2014.

The conference's topics will cover the whole scope of Operations Research, including Energy, Environment and Climate Models, Financial Models, Risk Management, Game Theory, Experimental Economy, Health Care System and Bioinformatics, Logistics and Transportation, Supply-Chain-Management, Project Management, Multi-Criteria-Optimization and more